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Did you know?

Depression is the leading cause of disease burden in Brazil and the second leading cause among women in Chile. (WHO Report 2007)
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In-Kind Contributions
The Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF) is dependent on material and service contributions. The GNIF welcomes such donations, especially in the following three fields:
  • Information Technology (computers, hardware, software, telecommunications, internet and other web services, televisions, presentation tools)
  • Medical Equipment (neurological and psychological testing equipment, guides, books, scholarly journal subscriptions)
  • Office Related (office/workspace, chairs, desks, office supplies)

To make an in-kind contribution/donation, please send a message to the GNIF administration.

Many of following individuals, companies, and institutions have made significant in-kind contributions to the GNIF mission. They have generously provided professional services and/or tangible recourses.

Web Hosting

Web Design / Programming



  • Maria DiDanieli, Lindisfarne Editing
  • Kevin Kantola, SEO Resource
  • Dr. George B. Obikoyz, Bankix Systems Ltd.
  • O. Chip Robinson, LKN Publications
  • Rakhi Gard, Cybsole
  • Paul Mroczka, Deadline Ranger
  • Megan Campanella, Enucleo Edits

Legal Research


Childhood Bipolar

A child expresses herself in a journal entry -- "Hopeless."

Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation