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Contrary to expectations, levels of stigma were higher in urban areas and among people with higher levels of education. (WHO Report 2007)
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Official Designs
To maintain the credibility and integrity of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, the GNIF must protect its designs (including logos, seals, banners, and other marks) from any intentional or misguided use. Given the nature of the organization's free and open-access policies, the GNIF operates official design usage under a presumptive approval, provided that the following standards are maintained:
  • The GNIF design must be used in connection with the operations, affiliations, partnerships, fiscal sponsorships, or under the express written approval of a GNIF representative.
  • The GNIF design may not be used in any way or manner that implies the endorsement of any person, product, program or service, unless an official memorandum of understanding, affiliation, or partnership exists with a specific clause of endorsement.
  • No one may manufacture for sale a product containing or featuring the logo, marks or banners.
  • Anyone who uses a GNIF design incurs an obligation and fiduciary duty to maintain the integrity and consistency of the design.
  • Use of the design without adherence to the GNIF standards or in an inappropriate manner may result in legal action. Upon notice from the GNIF, the user agrees to discontinue use of the design.

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Childhood Bipolar

A child expresses herself in a journal entry -- "Hopeless."
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